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Tee Club Referral Program
Congratulations on your Tee Club Subscription!

Whether you signed up for yourself or you've received a gift from a friend, you're now feelin' the love of Tee Club! It feels good right?

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Here's how it works:

1. Check your email for your special 10% Off Referral Code.

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3. We will send you your own Referral Reward code for 10% Off any Tee Club Subscription or Pro Shop purchase as soon as any of your friends use your Referral Code for a Tee Club Subscription or Pro Shop purchase.


Q - Hey, I've got more than 5 friends, what about them?

A - Super popular, we love that! If you'd like to refer more friends, send us an email from our contact page and we'll send you another code. Please note that you can only have up to 2 outstanding codes that don't have any redemptions.

Q - What if all 5 of my friends make a purchase? Will I get 5 10% Off Referral Reward Codes?

A - Yes ... and wow you've got great friends! Reward codes are not combinable, however. Nice thought though.